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Mountain Baby Buy Back Program

Trade In & Trade Up!

At Mountain Baby we search for the very best quality products for your children. We have built our reputation on the sustainability and “pass on-able” quality of the products we sell. Children outgrow our products before the products get worn out. And sometimes parents get frustrated that they have to replace items that are still in great shape with the next size up.

So we’ve decided to make it easier for you with our Buy Back program.

*Please note this is only available at our retail outlet, located at 636 Baker Street, Nelson, British Columbia.*


Here’s how it works:

We will give you back 20% of the price you paid for the item as store credit (see below for specifics).

You do not need to wait for the item to sell to receive your credit, as this is not a consignment program.


Here’s the small print, in big letters
  1. We will accept only items that were purchased at Mountain Baby.
  2. We cannot accept the following products, for health, safety, & allergy reasons:
    • Diapers & Underwear
    • Pacifiers, Soothers, Teethers & Any In-Mouth Type Products
    • Sealed Items That Have Been Opened (Creams, Balms, etc.)
    • Food & Drink Containers
  3. Proof of purchase must be providedYou must have a Mountain Baby account (so we can retrieve your purchase history) or the original receipt.
  4. Items must be in excellent condition - good enough for you to buy for your own child. When you bring in your used items we will evaluate them for resale potential.
  5. We will give you 20% of the purchase price back in store credit.
    If you bought an item at full price you will receive 20% of that price. If you purchased the item on sale you will receive 20% of the sale price you paid. This amount will immediately be applied to your store account, and you can use it to purchase ANYTHING at Mountain Baby, new or used.

Preparing items for buy back

  • Wash all clothing and other fabric items. No stains, no tears, fresh and new looking! Washing and care labels intact.
  • Wipe down all equipment and toys.They must be in top, safe condition
  • Inspect all items for stains, rips, tears or damage. Zip all zippers, snap all snaps, button all buttons etc. Must be free of damage and all closures must work.
  • Make sure all parts (and puzzle pieces) are included and in working order. A puzzle with a missing piece is not a puzzle!
  • Include the manuals or instructions if you have them especially for items like baby and child carriers.If you have lost them find the information online and include it with the item.
  • Look carefully at your items and ask yourself if you would buy this for your baby or child or closest friend!

We are committed to quality and sustainability. We are also committed to making life easier for you. In addition to this program we want to remind you of our LAYAWAY program which allows you to buy items over time with a small 10% deposit and NO INTEREST (beats using your credit card!).

See you soon!