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About Mountain Baby

Mountain Baby store on Baker Street in Nelson BC.

Mountain Baby was born (and still lives) in the fabulous mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. For over 25 years, we've been providing families with the things they need to be in nature, be active, and thrive together. 


Store hours: Monday - Saturday 10am – 5pm
Phone: 250.352.1789
636 Baker St.
 Nelson, British Columbia
 V1L 4J4


We believe one of the most meaningful things families can do is spend time together in the Great Outdoors--and that means anything from a downtown park to a mountaintop. It's good for our bodies and souls, brings us closer as families, shows children the beauty and wonder of our planet, and teaches them why it’s so worth protecting. 

We also believe that having young children never means the end of adventure. Though it sometimes seems like a huge challenge just to get out the door, we say it’s completely possible to do (almost) everything with your kids in tow. We’re dedicated to finding the best gear designed specifically for children and families so you can make memories together in the big wide world.
Check out ways to explore the area at Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism.
Our Products:
When you choose to shop at Mountain Baby, we know that you’re putting trust in us to provide products that are good for your family. We spend countless hours researching products to find the absolute best.  And to us, the “absolute best” means:

Safe: You can’t protect your kids from everything “out there” but you can do your best to make their world a safe place. We look for top-of-the-line, respected products that meet and exceed rigorous safety and health standards and we go natural and organic as much as possible.

Sustainable: It can be so overwhelming to be an eco-conscious, responsible consumer. We’ll make it easier for you by prioritizing companies that are committed to sustainable practices and choosing products made with organic, natural, biodegradable, reusable materials. 

Local, independent, family-owned, or as close to it as possible: We’re a small business and we do our best to support other small independent businesses because they keep families and communities healthy and vibrant. And we stay as close to local as we can to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Durable: Your investment in our quality products should be totally worth it. We don’t think it’s right to sell products that won’t make it through the season and we want you to have those special, sturdy items that can be passed on to siblings and friends and down through the generations.

Ethical: We make sure we work with companies that set a high standard of compensation, safety, and health for their employees and that everyone and everything involved has been treated with fairness and respect. 

A note about overseas manufacturing: Over two decades in business, we have seen many wonderful companies move their production out of North America due to the intense competition from big box stores. But we have learned that countries do not make products, companies make products. Those that care will insist on quality standards and good working conditions no matter where they're located.